Spicy Guava 7

Guava Juice, Red Chili Pepper, Black Salt

Mango lassi 8

Sweet Mango Pulp, Yogurt, Honey

Mango Moscow Mule 7

Mango Juice, Ginger Beer, Mint, Lime

Masala Chai 5

Anar Sangria 7

Pomegranate, Cranberry, Orange Juice, Apple

Pellegrino 6

Bottled Water 6

Small Plate

Foxnut Bhel 5

our BYOB snack roasted peanut, sriracha, pico

Quinoa Pani Puri 12

puffed semolina, sesame, guava mint water

Aloo Bonda 10

panko crusted potato, tamarind, coconut, candied ginger

Goat Cutlets 12

minced, crusted, seared

Smoked Quail Eggs 10

curry pepper glaze, baby naan

Tandoori Salmon 18

mustard, cucumber tzatziki, mango kachumber

Street Food

Flavors inspired by the streets of India

Palak Chaat 16

spinach chips, tomato onion salsa, pomegranate

Eggplant Chaat 16

candied ginger, date chutney, black salt

Avocado Mango Bhel 16

puffed rice, cilantro, tamarind

Beetroot Tikki 16

goat cheese, yogurt, potato crisp


Samosa 12

potato pea stuffing, mint, tamarind

Calcutta Gobhi Manchurian 16

cauliflower, soya ginger glaze, peppers

Hariyali Kebab 16

minced greens, cream cheese, cucumber relish

Paneer Papad Roll 20

cottage cheese, papadam crust, chili aioli

Kasundi Paneer Tikka 22

tandoor, cottage cheese, mustard oil

Masala Fish Fry 18

coriander, ginger, garlic, mustard oil

Duck Paratha Taco 18

confit duck, hoisin tamrind glaze

Coconut Chicken 65 18

chili yogurt, curry leaf, ginger

Black Pepper Shrimp 18

chili soya sauce, spring onion

Basil Chicken Tikka 22

tandoor, smoked tomato, basil, yogurt

Doodiya Malai Kebab 22

tandoor, cashew nut cream, cardamom

Lamb Seekh Kebab 22

Tandoor, chili paste, spices, mint, cilantro, ginger

Malai Jheenga (Shrimp) 34

tandoor, charred shrimp, lemon

Aarzu Lamb Chops 36

tandoor, cumin, mustard oil (3pce)

Non-Veg (Mains)

Smoked Butter Chicken 26

smoked tomato cream, chicken, fenugreek

Zafrani Murg 26

charred white chicken, cashew cream, saffron

Bhoorani Chicken 26

chicken curry, caramelized onion, 

Lamb Roganjosh 30

braised lamb, caramelized onion, kashmiri spice blend

Lamb Vindaloo 30

braised lamb, chili, vinegar, garlic

Dhaba Goat Masala 34

slow cooked goat, masala blend, caramelized onion

Basil Shrimp Moliee 32

shrimp, coconut, basil

Coconut Tamarind Fish Curry 32

salmon, roasted coconut, tamarind

Veg (Mains)

Bhatti Ka Paneer 24

tandoori cottage cheese, smoked tomato cream sauce

Palak Paneer 24

Cottage cheese, Creamy Spinach

Anjeer Kofta 26

fig & cheese dumplings, cashew creamsSauce

Lassoni Gobi Saag 24

roasted cauliflower, creamy spinach garlic

Vegetable Moliee 22

vegetable medley, coconut, curry leaves

Veg Jalfrezi 22

vegetable medley, dry tomato onion gravy

Achari Bhindi 22

okra, caramelized onions, pickled spices

Channa Masala 22

spiced garbanzo beans, mango powder, cilantro

Smoked Dal Makhani

lentils, butter, spice blend

Lasooni Desi Dal Tadka 18

lentils, roasted garlic, spice blend


Vegetable Biryani 24

Rice & Vegtables cooked together with a blend of warm spices

Chicken Biryani 26

Rice & Chicken cooked together with a blend of warm spices

Lamb Biryani 28

Rice & Lamb cooked together with a blend of warm spices


Butter Naan 5

Garlic Naan 6

Chilli Garlic Naan 6

Tandori Roti 5

Lacha Paratha 6

Onion Kulcha 7


Orange Rind Kulfi 10

Aarzu Signature Dessert

Chocolate Halwa 10

Milk chocolate, semolina pudding, vanilla ice cream 

Rasmalai 10

Sweet Cheese Dumplings, Toasted Pistachios, Rose Petals

Rose Kulfi 10

Indian inspired rose flavored ice cream

Angoori Gulab Jamun 10

Sweet milk dumplings/ Saffron Rabri

Aarzu Dessert Platter 32

A sampling of all of our desserts!


Cucumber Raita 4

Roasted Papad 6

Cumin Rice 6

Wine List

We are proud to announce our collaboration with New Jersey’s very own Old York Celler.

We are also a BYOB limited to only beer and wine NO hard Liquor.

Aarzu X Old York Seller

Sparkling White 35

Off Dry Sparkling wine made from Chardonnay. Aromas of apple and peach with just a hind of sweetness.

*Pairs well with Samosa or Butter Chicken

White Wines

Vida Blanc 31

Bright & fruity, with floral & Citrus notes, has a hint of honey from the first sip leading to a slightly sweet finish.

* Pairs well with Basil Shrimp Moiliee

Darryl Mac Cellers White 28

Collaboration with Darryl McDaniels of RUN-DMC. Well-balanced with peach & melon aromas that continue onto the palate with just a little sweetness on the finish

Chardonay Reserve 38

Light straw in color with aromas of citrus, melon & green apple. Balanced with just the right amount of acidity.


What Exit Blush 25

Semi-sweet blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Carnet Sauvignon, light and fruity


Rosè Reserve 36


Malbec 32

Dark aromas of ripe plum and cassis with flavors of spice and ripe blackberry and a smooth round finish.

Merlot 35

Hints of dried cherry and spices with strong. yet balanced acidity and light tannins.

Half Bottles

Chardonnay 20

Hints of grapefruit, white peach and apple.

Cabernet Sauvignon 22

Soft acidity and tannin, bright black cherry nose.
hints of vanilla & cedar.

What Exit Blush 18

Semi-sweet blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio. Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon, light & fruity.

Tea Menu

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Ahista Tea’s. Ahista means “at a slow pace” -to take a step back and savor each moment with thoughtfulness and intention. The quality and thought of their teas are what we strive to accomplish with our experience here at Aarzu

Aarzu X Ahista Tea

OM 5

A light, floral blend of chamomile, lavender, and rose is handcrafted to recreate the quietude of meditation

Darjeeling 5

Darjeeling is often referred to as the “Champagne of Teas” for its light flavor reminiscent of muscatel grapes. Its surrounding climate along with soil chemistry and geographical location yields teas that are highly prized by connoisseurs all over the world.

Assam 5

This full-bodied, brisk organic black tea comes from India’s northeastern state of Assam. A satisfying cup with a distinctive malty flavour and deep-red infusion that is good with or without milk and sweetener.

Jasmine Blossoms 5

This green tea blend captures the innocence of the Jasmine flower through nine stages of scenting to create an artful infusion of sweet fragrance and delicate green tea.

Moroccan Mint 5

With a green tea base, this blend embodies an age-old Moroccan tradition and hospitality. A light, fresh aroma of spearmint balanced with a strong and astringent gunpowder green tea

Royal Paan Green Tea 5

A green tea tossed with cloves, fennel, and rosy-cheeked betel. Part freshener and part cleanser, this blend is inspired by the quintessential post-meal mainstay of India.

Masala Chai 5

Our Masala Chai is a traditional Indian treasure. We blend Assam black tea with sultry spices such as organic cinnamon, cardamom and cloves for a rich and spicy tea.